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Freddy Frisbee Junior

Freddy Frisbee Junior was born in Benin City/ Nigeria and grow up under the hands of his grandfather - a native doctor. He learned about the secrets of african-drumming, african spirits and mystic rituals.
During his studies in Benin City he got in contact with the church. There he learned playing various instruments and very soon he overtook the leadership of the choir. After that he established his own vocal group that became very famous in Benin City.
African artists, who impressed him much, while
he took his first musical steps in Nigeria, were AkaBama, Victor Uwaifo, Shina Peters and King Sunny Ade. Also styles like Akuete, Samba, Juju, Afro-Juju, Kpangolo, Reggae, Calypso, Agada and Ugho left their traces.
In the following years he toured through Benin, Niger, Algeria, Libya, Togo, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Gambia. Everywhere people become enthusiastic over his music.
From 1994 till 1999 he worked and lived most
of the times in Cabo Verde Islands. Freddy got influenced by Funana, Morna and Coledera, which are the most popular musical styles down there. He joined most of the local stars in concerts
and became well known in Cabo Verde.
Since 1997 he steadily visited Germany and worked on his music productions in khap-LA studios/Munich with Hannes Wollmann and Hannes Hogl. Most of his songs were written down there for the first time. He also gave concerts in Germany and founded the first
Freddy Frisbee Junior Fan Club. As time goes by Freddy became something like a cosmopolitan
and so did his music. His music is influenced by many different styles, but you still can recognize the roots of spiritual-drumming. In the year 1999 he came to Portugal and made a lot of new fans.
''Afro Soul'' - that's what his music is called - spread through out the country and still goes further.

In March 2000 RDP-Africa and many other radio stations in
Portugal started playing
Freddy's Afro Soul music. Now
the hit track ''Alama'' is heared
through out the world and international TV-stations invite Freddy to perform his music live.
© by khap-LA München