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African Gospel - Freddy Frisbee Junior

''Smile Again'' - the new african gospel CD of Freddy Frisbee Junior.

Preproduction and recordings of this african gospel production have been realized from 1st until 11th of November 2004 in Lisbon.

The warm and creative atmosphere of
Freddy-King-Studio helped us to capture very
touching moments of african gospel music.

              The Lisbon recording team:


African gospel is a tremendously diverse and colourful panorama of music. This up coming selection gives a broad palette of the caleidoscope of this choral music from Nigeria. You may be looking forward to sit back and let the sounds of African Gospel take you to this rich and ever changing continent.
Just plain enjoyment of beautiful african gospel music -
dynamic african life like it actually is.
Of course, the production schedule has to be planned around unavoidable events, but the release date will be anounced soon on this website. This CD-production will be completed at our studio in Munich during the process of mixing and mastering.
Post-production assistance is drawn from an experienced production crew. The project will meet khap-LA's criteria for the relevant category in quallity of sound and music.
The production will be completed under
the direction of Hannes Wollmann in cooperation with Luigi Campala, based on ideas and principles generated by the lisbon recording team.